Can’t Sleep at Night? 7 Apps that Help You Sleep Better

It’s a well-known fact that adult humans need 8 hours of sleep daily and not getting enough sleep can lead to numerous health issues. In today’s context, this is definitely something easier said than done. Given how hectic daily life has become for most of us, it’s no surprise that we get less sleep than we ideally should.


While ensuring that your body gets proper sleep (and rest) is something that’s up to you, modern technology can at least help in tracking your sleep and its numerous important parameters.

With that said, here are 7 sleep tracking apps that can help you in getting better sleep and waking up to a fresh start.


Sleep Cycle is a time calculator app which enables users to manage their sleep cycles in a better way. The calculations are based on various studies which talk about the sleeping patterns of the human brain.



The app offers features like ‘Fixed Wake-up,’ which enables users to specify the times for waking up.

It also suggests the best time to go to sleep. Along with this, Sleep cycle comes with a ‘Sleep Now’ feature which suggests the best time to set alarm clock, so that you wake up fresh.

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