12 Hilarious GIFs of Models Falling on the Runway

Don’t let the glamour fool you—modeling can be a dangerous job. Models slip, trip, and tumble on the runway. Some say it’s because of nerves, others blame those damn impossible-to-walk-in heels that they have to wear. Either way, when it does happen, all that comes to mind is “these poor women.”

While we don’t actually want any of them to get hurt, we have to admit that we still get a kick out of these. Especially when said model is feeling herself too much and ends up falling into a pool. Or worse, when the designer falls into a hole during the final walk. There are Tumblrs, photos, and pages and pages on YouTube dedicated to these, but you know everything is better in GIFs. So, sit back and enjoy these 12 Hilarious GIFs of Models Falling on the Runway.

Kamilia Wawrzynia


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