10 Selfies Taken Moments Before Death

The selfie is the biggest new phenomenon modern culture has seen in some years. You might argue that that doesn’t say much for where we are and where we’re heading, but it’s almost certainly the case. People are constantly snapping themselves on their phones. Ordinarily, other people’s selfies are only really interesting to the people who take the photographs themselves. Ordinarily. The selfies we have for you here tell a much bigger story than just ‘someone was at a place’. These photographs paint a fascinating, yet grim picture. You see, every one of these shots were taken just minutes before the person who took them died. Find out their stories here:


Teetering dangerously off the edge of a bridge, 28 feet off the ground, is Russian thrill seeker Xenia Ignatyeva. Walking on a cable, she was dicing with death. The 17 year-old (man, she was so young…) diced too closely in the end, falling off a cable and, sadly, to her death. Being a daredevil doesn’t look like a very safe or clever thing to do, does it? Stay safe everyone. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

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